COVID Concealed Carry

COVID Concealed Carry

March 2020 is a record setting month of gun sales in the U.S. based largely on the fear and uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic has stirred in the hearts of people from all walks of life. I’m sure that there are more new people with firearms out there than ever before,...

Warrants in the time of COVID

Warrants in the time of COVID

You missed Court in March. The trumped-up charges from a year ago was found on the assistant prosecutor’s desk as he cleaned up to go home for a month or two and now you are facing a criminal charge. You just found out there is a warrant with your name on it and your...

Going to court in the time of COVID

Going to court in the time of COVID

Criminal defense lawyers deal with fear and anxiety every day. What is going to happen? Is this judge fair? Does the prosecutor hate me? But now, we get to deal with these issues plus the uncertainty of the COVID 19 calamity. The Supreme Court of Missouri, today,...

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If you have been drinking, use our "Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator"to estimate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) before you drive, but please keep in mind that the information it provides is just an estimate and may not be inaccurate.

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