Stephen Grafelman

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Stephen Grafelman

Stephen chose to become a criminal defense attorney because he enjoys protecting the rights of others and helping those who cannot help themselves. Stephen has been practicing law since 2017, with most of that time having a concentration on criminal defense.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Stephen has a stake in the community and cares for the people in it. After attending law school at Washburn University, he worked for a boutique criminal defense firm for a year before being hired as Legal Counsel for the Missouri Department of Revenue. While at the Department of Revenue, Stephen handled hundreds of bench trials related to the driver’s license issues that resulted after a DWI arrest.

After leaving the Department of Revenue, his focus has been solely on criminal defense where he puts his knowledge gleaned from his time at the Department of Revenue to work for his clients. This unique perspective on DWI law and a reverence for the rights of others is what makes him good at what he does. Working for the Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center allows Stephen to pursue his passion and protect the valuable rights of others.

The Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center is where clients can get representation not possible with other firms. With other firms, attorneys are not often concerned with pursuing every aspect of a case. Mounting the best defense possible for clients is a priority and what Stephen enjoys most about working here. Our firm is determined, energetic and passionate about giving our clients the best representation possible.

Outside of the law, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family at Table Rock Lake, training his dog Jack-Jack, and Chiefs football.