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Police in Missouri believe they have found the body of a 28-year-old woman who was last seen on the morning of Nov. 12. The body was found in the trunk of a car that had been left in a secluded part of Cuivre River State Park near Troy. Information provided by the woman’s husband is said to have led police to the scene. He was taken into custody on Nov. 13 and has been charged with murder in the second degree and tampering with evidence. He is being held on a $100,000 bond.

The woman was reported missing shortly after leaving her home. Police originally considered the woman a missing person, and they quickly found her car abandoned a short distance from her residence. Investigators began to suspect that she had been the victim of foul play after learning that her husband been seen purchasing cleaning products at a neighborhood store. The products are said to have included bleach, gloves and carpet cleaner. When detectives arrived at the man’s residence, they claim to have found a wet carpet that had been cleaned with bleach. Police believe the man used the cleaning materials to remove blood stains.

The man’s attorney says that his client is working with law enforcement and prosecutors to close the case. A St. Louis County Police Department representative did not respond to the attorney’s statement, but he did say that the remains discovered in the car trunk would be sent to a laboratory for DNA analysis.

Individuals accused of committing violent crimes may feel that being completely candid with police officers will lead to more lenient treatment, and homicide detectives will usually encourage this kind of thinking. Experienced criminal defense attorneys may point out that only prosecutors have the authority to reduce charges and penalties, and they might advise suspects to remain silent until they are offered some sort of concession in return for their cooperation.

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