Are your COVID test results private?

Are your COVID test results private?

The Associated Press reports that thirty-five states are reporting the name, address and identifying information of persons who test positive for COVID-19 to first responders. While the knee-jerk reaction to this is, of course they should, after thinking about it a...

Are cops issuing Speeding Tickets during COVID?

Are cops issuing Speeding Tickets during COVID?

Evidence the world is changing is everywhere. The skies are clearing because we aren’t burning fossil fuels like normal. Teenagers everywhere are spending time with their parents (well maybe), and communities are coming together like never before. One such community...

COVID Court Attire

COVID Court Attire

I read this article yesterday. An article about someone who sounded to be a great judge in Brooklyn, New York, who chose the wrong way to handle his court room as he continued to hold in-person hearings and ended up passing away from COVID-19. While the Missouri...

BAC Calculator


If you have been drinking, use our "Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator"to estimate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) before you drive, but please keep in mind that the information it provides is just an estimate and may not be inaccurate.

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