Jessie Greathouse


Jessie Greathouse

Senior Case Manager
I am a case manager by definition, but a helper by action. While my titles have changed over the years,
my main goal and focus has not. I enjoy helping individuals who are dealing with some of the most
difficult times in their lives. It is easy to get lost in the intimidating world of the criminal justice system
and | pride myself in being a beacon of guidance to provide comfort and understanding to the unknown.

I have been a part of the criminal justice system since 2010. I previously worked in Jackson County,
Missouri as a Case Manager for the Population Control Department. There, one of my responsibilities
included supervising individuals on pre-trial release. That position is where I learned the process of pre-
trial matters, but most importantly, it taught me the impacts that the process could have on an
individual’s life. The beginning is overwhelming because of the new, the middle is stressful because of
the wait and the end is terrifying because of the unknown finality. As a Case Manager, I make it my
responsibility to alleviate some of those fears by communicating and informing the clients of what
process is next to come.

The Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center at the Benjamin Law Firm is a firm that shares a common
interest with me. We all want to help. Our primary focus is experience. While we strive to get the best
results possible, we do not lose sight of the client and how they feel they were informed, represented
and treated. Our clients are not just clients, they are an extension of the Missouri DWI & Criminal Law
Center at the Benjamin Law Firm. They are individuals who encountered an unfortunate circumstance
and should not be identified as that circumstance, but as the individuals that they are.

As an individual myself, I am a Kansas City native, born and raised in the Kansas City Metro area. I
graduated from high school and headed straight into the workforce, earning all of my experience and
knowledge from hands-on lessons.

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