Megan Oliver


Megan Oliver

Associate Attorney

Megan Oliver has dreamed of being an attorney since she was a child growing up in Fulton,
Missouri. It was not until she interned with the Missouri State Public Defender’s Office as an
undergraduate that she realized her passion was criminal defense. The defendants she met during the
internship were decent, kind people who had made a mistake — even if that mistake was being in the
wrong place at the wrong time. She was inspired by seeing the public defenders connect with their clients.
It was that Summer in 2014 that Megan knew that criminal defense would be her life’s work.

Megan graduated cum laude from Northwest Missouri State with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre
and Political Science. She graduated from the University of Missouri — Kansas City School of Law in
2019, where she was on the prestigious mock trial team for four semesters. Megan was a Semi-Finalist at
the Tournament of Champions in 2018 and a Finalist at the National Trial Competition in 2019.
Following her second year in law school, Megan had the honor of attending the Trial Lawyer’s College as
an intern, receiving a Certificate of Appreciation. The Trial Lawyer’s College provided Megan with a
unique skillset that she continues to utilize in her practice today.

Megan began her legal career with the Missouri State Public Defender’s Office. During her time
with the public defender’s office, Megan conducted dozens of preliminary hearings, probation violation
hearings, and suppression hearings. She represented individuals charged with low-level misdemeanors to
high-level, violent felonies. Megan strives to provide compassionate, understanding representation to her
clients, no matter what they are charged with. Megan is excited to bring her empathetic law practice to the
Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center — a firm dedicated to humanizing and caring for those often
demonized and overlooked by society.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys theatre, speculative fiction, laughing with friends, journaling,
creative writing, and playing the piano (badly). She is very close with her family — they love watching
football and playing dominoes together. Her best friend is her adorable rescue mutt, Winnie.

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