Amber Ledbetter

Amber L.

Amber Ledbetter

Operations Manager
Amber decided to work in the Criminal Justice field in an effort to help others that were in need. She started out by
earning her Legal Secretary Degree and obtained her first employment in private law firm at a young age when she
decided she wanted to work in the government sector where she went to work for the Jackson County Prosecutors
office for a few years. She was then promoted to a new department where she worked her way up to being the
Coordinator/Director of her own department helping individuals that were released from custody. Amber received
several awards from Jackson County as well as an award from the Governor of Missouri winning most valuable
public servant.

After 25 plus years, she made a move to go back to the private sector and built an electronic monitoring company
from ground up for individuals released from custody and ordered to be supervised. ~~ She took great pride in not
only monitoring these individuals but also in helping them get their lives back on track, as well as having great
communications with the Court, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys and Law Enforcement. Amber then decided that
she would be a better fit to work for the Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center because they fight for their clients’
rights and that has always been her passion was helping others the best way possible.

Amber has been married to her husband for over 25 years. She loves spending time with her husband,
sons/daughter in laws, and grandchildren at Truman Lake and going fishing with her husband.

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