What Are Missouri’s DUI/DWI Penalties?

What Are Missouri’s DUI/DWI Penalties?

The DWI laws prohibit all motorists from operating or being physically in control of a vehicle while intoxicated. Driving while intoxicated usually results in severe penalties that may lead to lifelong consequences. Here is what you need to know about Missouri’s DWI...

How to Beat a Criminal Felony Case

How to Beat a Criminal Felony Case

Whether you are guilty or not, you may find yourself in need of an attorney with knowledge about how to beat a criminal felony case. Here’s what you need to know.   What Constitutes a Criminal Felony Case? When charged with a criminal felony case in Kansas City,...

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BAC Calculator


If you have been drinking, use our "Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator"to estimate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) before you drive, but please keep in mind that the information it provides is just an estimate and may not be inaccurate.

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