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October 14. 2022.

Federal Criminal Attorney in Kansas City

Being the suspect of a crime is scary, more so a federal crime. If you have been contacted by law enforcement concerning a federal criminal investigation, your first reaction will probably be to panic.

Federal criminal cases could quickly escalate even if you were not arrested. So as soon as you know you are the subject of an investigation or facing federal criminal charges, it is important to act quickly and consult with a federal criminal defense attorneyHire a criminal defense attorney in Kansas City, and you may be able to avoid a lot of trouble.

Federal Criminal Law

The federal government makes federal criminal laws in America to define and regulate the prosecution of federal crimes as opposed to state laws made by the various states. 

These laws are enforced by the US Department of Justice. Most criminal cases take place in state courts, and for a criminal trial to be held in a federal court, such an offense has:

  • Contravened the provision of the constitution or a federal statute
  • Is an offense against national interest
  • Has taken place across several states

Depending on where they occur, some crimes could be prosecuted as either federal or state. For example, drug crimes are generally tried by state courts. But if the crime(s) occurred on federal property or the drugs were sold to minors (or persons less than 21 years old) in a school zone, then the case would likely be tried by the federal court (as federal drug crimes).

Navigation of a federal crime in court could be difficult. However, working with experienced federal criminal defense attorneys can help you protect your rights in court.

Examples of Federal Crimes

Title 18 of the USC (United States Code) defines and identifies federal crimes and provides for the federal criminal procedure. These crimes are solely under federal jurisdiction and include kidnapping, healthcare fraud, arson, counterfeiting and forgery, sabotage, and terrorism.

The most serious federal criminal offenses are those that threaten the integrity, security, and sovereignty of the US, such as treason or espionage. A person convicted of such offenses could receive the death penalty even when they’ve not physically harmed or killed anyone. This may also include white-collar crimes, felony drug charges, money laundering, bank fraud, tax evasion, or any other that makes you a target of a federal investigation.

Who Investigates Federal Crimes?

Federal law enforcement agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Secret Service investigate federal criminal cases.

Sometimes, these federal agencies collaborate with state and local authorities to conduct their investigations. These investigations can be hard on you, and you might find yourself in turmoil. A good way to deal with the situation is by consulting with a skilled attorney who knows about the process and possible outcomes.

Consulting with a lawyer who has experience and knowledge in subject matter experts can help you navigate through the process and help you protect your rights in court.

Dealing With a Federal Criminal Charge

It is unlikely that you will be arrested for a crime in the presence of your lawyer. Before speaking to a lawyer, you would likely have had initial contact with law enforcement or may even be in custody.

This puts you in a precarious situation as you can easily incriminate yourself. Prosecutors could use anything you do and say against you in a trial, so you are supposed to be careful to minimize the possibility of anything bad that could happen. Law enforcement officers usually make you aware of this when you’re arrested. However, these agents are also skilled at lawfully getting evidence out of suspects by playing on your emotions.

The police or federal agents may exaggerate your situation to scare you into confessing. They may also promise some leniency in exchange for information or tell you about a fellow suspect who has said incriminating things about you. Please do not take the bait and refrain from saying anything that could lead to difficulties.

When facing a federal criminal charge, the police are an agent of the government, not your friends. More likely than not, you will put yourself in further trouble by talking to them without a lawyer. Even things you may not consider incriminating could profoundly affect your case negatively.

However, simply refusing to respond to the police interrogation may not suffice. Instead, politely but assertively let the law enforcement officials know that you do not wish to make any comments until you are allowed to consult with your lawyer or have your lawyer present.

This is a wiser way of handling a complicated situation without making any grave mistakes that could lead to complexities in your case.

Why You Need a Federal Criminal Attorney

If you are the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation or have been charged with an arson crime, you would be taking a huge risk trying to work things out on your own. Most attempts to negotiate with the US Government by yourself will dig you deeper into trouble.

If you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can, it will likely prove much more advantageous. 

Skilled federal criminal defense attorneys have an in-depth understanding of federal laws. They possess excellent written and litigation skills to defend you during a trial. They understand not just the laws but also the processes involved in federal criminal cases. They can guide you on what to do and say and help you fight a felony or any other federal criminal charge, avoiding a conviction where possible.

Get Help With Your Federal Criminal Charge at DWI & Criminal Law Center

If you are dealing with federal criminal charges in Kansas or need to make consultations concerning such issues, contact the Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center for further legal assistance. We’d be glad to fight your charges side by side with you.

Common Questions on Federal Criminal Law

What Should I Do If I Am Under Investigation by Federal Agents Without Being Charged?

If you find yourself in this position, you have an advantage over someone who is abruptly arrested and held in custody. Contact your attorney immediately. They can direct you on what steps to take and what not to do. Also, they can prepare you for an impending arrest and interrogation.

How Do I Choose My Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you’re searching for an attorney to represent you, you could look out for certain qualities before choosing a criminal defense lawyer or law firm.

A lawyer can only defend you in a federal criminal case if they are licensed to practice in the particular area or federal court where your case will be held. Also, federal processes differ significantly from state processes, so hiring a lawyer familiar with the federal courts and their system would be better.

If you are facing such charges in Kansas City, you can contact an experienced and licensed federal criminal lawyer in Kansas City, MO.

Who Prosecutes Federal Criminal Cases?

Federal prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting federal criminal cases in court. They often collaborate with the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to get relevant evidence as they work.

Statutorily, US Attorneys are responsible for prosecuting federal crimes. There is a US Attorney for all the federal judicial districts in the

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