How Does SR-22 Work in Missouri?

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Kimberly J. Benjamin, Founder & Managing Attorney

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance in Missouri?

 High-risk drivers in Missouri who have committed serious traffic violations like reckless driving and DUI need SR-22 documentation.The SR-22 documentation, or a certificate of financial responsibility, is required by Missouri drivers with a suspended license. 

How Do You Get an SR-22 Insurance?

 The SR-22 form is filled out by insurance providers and sent to the Department of Revenue to confirm that the car meets Missouri’s minimum liability car insurance coverage.However, not all insurance companies offer SR-22 coverage, so you will need to call an insurance agent to find an auto insurance provider that does.Your standard car insurance policy must be up-to-date and include SR-22 insurance to avoid penalties or the suspension of your driving privileges. 

How Much Do You Pay for SR-22 insurance in Missouri?

 SR-22 costs may vary depending on the state, insurance company, and other factors. The filing fee for SR-22 ranges between $25 and $50. A driver who has complied with all SR-22 requirements may pay up to $100 to reinstate his driving privileges. 

Will SR-22 Increase the Cost of Your Car Insurance?

 An SR-22 will negatively affect your car insurance rates. Drivers with SR-22 pay higher insurance premium rates than drivers with a clean record because top insurance companies consider SR-22 drivers a high risk.Nevertheless, the cost is only temporary and is required on a driver’s file for 2 to 3 years if they drive responsibly. You must maintain a clean driving record to potentially reduce your insurance premium. 

How Do You Get Your License Reinstated?

 In case you are asking yourself the question, “how do I get my license back?” after a serious traffic violation, you must send the required reinstatement documents to the Driver License Bureau (D.L.B.), which include the following:

  • A certified document indicating full payment for damages
  • A clearance letter (for accidents out of State)
  • A completed Vehicle Accident Report (for motor vehicle accidents)
  • Proof of payment to the other party (if you failed to pay for damages)
  • a reinstatement fee (depending on the driving violation)
  • Proof of insurance

The reinstatement procedure and fees will depend on the reason for your license suspension. If you do not make these payments, your license will remain suspended for ten years. 

What Happens if You Do Not Maintain Liability Insurance?

 Under Missouri state law, motor vehicle owners must maintain liability coverage on file with the D.L.B. for two years, starting from the date of the suspension.The mandatory minimum amount under Missouri law is $25,000 in bodily injury liability insurance, $50,000 in bodily injury liability insurance per accident, and $25,000 in property damage liability per accident.If you didn’t keep your insurance in effect for the mandatory period and your license was suspended, an experienced attorney can help get it reinstated. 

Can You Terminate SR-22 with a Car Insurance Company?

 A car owner who plans to discontinue driving may be able to terminate their SR-22 insurance. The SR-22 won’t automatically fall off your car insurance policy once it’s no longer needed. You will have to ask your insurance provider to remove the SR-22 from your policy.If your auto insurance policy is canceled while on SR-22, the insurance company will alert the Department of Motor Vehicles, who may suspend your license.

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