How Long Will a DUI Conviction Stay On Your Record

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Do DUI Convictions Stay On My Record Forever?

 Spiked car insurance rates are not the only thing you need to worry about with a DUI conviction. Your criminal and driving record could affect your source of livelihood, education, relationship with your car insurance company, and overall driving credibility.As a result, you need to avoid situations where a DUI charge could follow you, especially if you have a prior CDL at the time of the DUI conivtion. If you are facing DUI charges in Missouri, hiring professional Kansas City DWI lawyers for your criminal defense is advisable to escape Missouri’s DUI penalties.However, if you have already been convicted, it is important for you to understand how long the conviction will reflect on your records and how to clear your driving history. 

Criminal Record

 According to section 610.130 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, expunging DUI convictions is legal in Missouri. It states that a person sentenced or convicted for their first DUI can ask the court to clear all records of their arrest, plea, trial, and conviction, but not less than ten years after the incident. However, this excludes any individual with a commercial driver’s license.The court then has to confirm that the person has not committed any alcohol-related driving offense since that period and is not facing any pending charges related to a DUI. If the individual qualifies, the court will enter an order of expungement.After that, all records and files of the case will become closed and confidential to restore the person to the status they were before the conviction. The records will remain accessible to law enforcement, the court, and the individual in question. Furthermore, all individuals are entitled to an expungement once. 

Driving Record

 Driving records in Missouri are maintained by the Department of Revenue. It is relatively easy to access the records of any individual. You can either go to a Missouri license office and pay a small fee or request the record and pay the required fees online.Missouri operates a system whereby each traffic ticket leads to a loss of license points and eventual suspension. Each driver’s license in Missouri has a total of 12 points. According to section 302.302 of the laws of Missouri, a first DUI removes 8 points, and a subsequent one pulls all 12.According to the Department of Revenue’s website, you can request the removal of old tickets from driving records by doing the following:

  • By sending an email request to [email protected]
  • Calling 573-526-2407 during business hours
  • Sending a written request to:
  • Missouri Department of Revenue
  • 301 West High Street – Room 470
  • PO Box 200
  • Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200

One can only make this request three years after the conviction. If the DUI offense led to license suspension or revocation, you would have to wait for five years before applying for reinstatement. After clearing your driving record, you can expect to get much better rates from car insurance companies. 

How Can a Lawyer Help?

 If you ever find yourself arrested for driving above the legal alcohol limit in Missouri, it would greatly benefit you to contact a criminal defense attorney in Kansas City immediately. That way, you would have a better chance of keeping your records clean in the first place.And, if you are looking for an expungement, a trained lawyer representing you in your hearing will greatly help your case. Therefore, if you require the help of experienced DUI lawyers, do not hesitate to contact the Missouri DWI and Criminal Law Center today.

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