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December 06. 2021.

Get Help From Kansas City Employment Lawyers and Fight Against Workplace Discrimination

As an employee, you have rights backed by various federal and state laws. The United States Fair Labor Standards Act and the Missouri Human Rights Act are among the many laws requiring employers to treat their employees fairly.

Ideally, employers enforce measures that ensure that all employees’ rights are upheld. In the event that an employee reports sexual harassment or discrimination based on race, religion, age, gender, or disability, the employer should swiftly take the necessary steps as per the employment law to handle the situation.

Unfortunately, not all employers follow these laws. From startups to large corporations to even family-owned businesses, we’ve seen employers value their reputation or profits above the welfare of their workers.

One of the great examples is the clause stated under employment contracts. This often results in employees suffering at their place of work, being wrongfully demoted, or outrightly having their contract wrongfully terminated. We’re determined to stop this mistreatment and hold those responsible accountable.

If you are experiencing discrimination claims, unlawful ill-treatment in any form at work, or dealing with any matter related to severance agreements, our employment law attorneys are ready to stand by you and ensure that your rights are protected. We are helping employees and representing them in state and federal courts to get justice under MO Employment Law.

At the Missouri Employee Rights and Employment Discrimination Center, we aggressively pursue the best possible results to help you obtain maximum compensation for your losses in any unlawful conduct or wrongful discharge. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Should I Hire an Employment Lawyer?

Employees often keep quiet about at work over rights violations for several reasons. There’s the fear that complaining will cost them their jobs or make things worse. Then there is the feeling that the employer’s human resources department can be counted on to take care of things.

In many cases, however, HR fails to do its job. This is where the personal commitment of an experienced Kansas City employment lawyer comes into play. It’s essential to seek the counsel of a Missouri employment lawyer if you have been discriminated against.

When you meet with an employment lawyer, bring along any documentation related to the problem, including your employee handbook, emails, and witness statements. The lawyer will review your case and determine the best way to proceed.

No matter your situation, it’s essential to have an advocate on your side who understands the law and is ready to fight for your rights. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation with an experienced Kansas City employment lawyer.

Common Employment Lawsuits and How We Can Help

All too often, employees suffer various kinds of unethical treatment from those at the workplace. Some of this treatment warrants an employment lawsuit.

According to Kansas Human Rights Commission, an employer must provide reasonable accommodations to all his employees and respect the religious beliefs of every individual member. There is no excuse for taking adverse action against your employees at work.

At the Missouri Employee Rights and Employment Discrimination Center, we represent employees across industries and employment grade levels who have been subject to poor treatment at work.

When we represent you, we want you to feel empowered to move on in your career with a sense of closure and justice. Therefore, we discuss some of the most common employment lawsuits here. Once you recognize that you are being mistreated, you become better equipped to take legal action.

Our Missouri labor and employment law attorneys advocate for employees who have been victims of a variety of forms of workplace mistreatment, including

  • Personal injury cases
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation, or
  • Adverse employment action

As some of the top KC employment attorneys, our primary practice areas include employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation claims, wages and hour disputes, personal injury cases, and consumer rights.

Moreover, we help our clients by maintaining a quality attorney-client relationship throughout the case. So, if you’ve faced any of these employment law matters, we’re ready to fight for you.

Tackling Employment Discrimination with an Employment Lawyer Kansas City MO

A discrimination lawsuit is filed by an employee or group of employees treated unfairly based on race, religion, color, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, age, or disability. 

The outcomes of illegal discrimination can take the form of;

  • pay differences, 
  • wrongful termination, 
  • favoritism,
  • illegal hiring practices, 
  • employee misclassification, 
  • promotion pass-over, 
  • unfair work assignments, 
  • unfair testing, 
  • exclusion from coworkers,
  • denial of benefits, 
  • employee misclassification, 
  • different job descriptions, and 
  • work location transfer.

If you are a victim of discrimination, we advise you to report these legal issues and seek help from an employment law attorney. We are ready to thoroughly investigate the circumstances to ensure that your employer bears responsibility for their actions.

Whether it is an unlawful bias, a denial of benefits based on your status as a protected class, or a wrongful termination, our firm has the skills, resources, and experience to advocate on your behalf.

We advise that you document specific discriminatory words, phrases, or actions. If possible, record the dates of these instances occurring that you can remember. This will accelerate the process of getting employment law justice and adequate compensation.

Addressing Workplace Harassment With a Kansas City Employment Law Firm


Harassment is another primary reason for employee lawsuits against companies. The harassment can be from the boss or a coworker, and in both cases, the company can be held responsible if the harassment is proven. 

Harassment lawsuits can be from sexual harassment, including:

  • sexual bribery, 
  • offensive pictures or jokes in the workplace, 
  • sexual propositions or advances, 
  • unwanted touching, and
  • demands for sexual contact.

Even subtle cues such as a manager or employee making suggestive or seductive facial expressions are sexual harassment and are prohibited by federal and state courts in Missouri. 

That’s not all, however. Harassment can also come in the form of hostility, bullying, racial jokes, and any inappropriate behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable or unwanted in the workplace.

If you’ve experienced any of these violations of employment rights, we encourage you to contact our legal team for a free consultation to explore your rights and options.

Combating Gender-Based Discrimination with Employment Attorney

Now, more than ever, women make up a large percentage of the labor workforce. However, they are still victims of workplace sex discrimination and often suffer mistreatment, lesser pay, fewer benefits, and lesser opportunities based on their gender.

Our law firm can determine if an employer is liable to gender discrimination, regardless of the excuses they may attempt to use. Our job as your employment attorneys is to conduct a thorough investigation and unearth all evidence to get you the compensation you are entitled to under the law. This can take the form of front pay, back pay, and reinstatement.

Our determined approach to all unlawful discrimination cases has led to the best results in both employment litigation and settlement negotiations, and we’re sure we can deliver on your case.

Fighting Retaliation with the Help of Our Employment Lawyers

As an employee, you have the legal right and protection to report any complaint of sexual harassment, discrimination, illegal work practice, or bullying to your employer to ensure these conditions are corrected. You also have the right to report certain conditions to outside individuals and entities. This is known as whistleblower protection.

Unfortunately, rather than fix the problem, some employers elect to cover it up by taking punitive actions against the reporting employee.

Companies who reassign, demote, or fire workers for filing reports of harassment, health and safety violations, discrimination, reporting fraud, or contributing to investigations against the company can be held accountable for such actions.

If your company has retaliated against you for any of these actions, you’ve been mistreated and have the legal right to sue. Call our legal advisors at 816-205-4121 for a free consultation on how to fight back and get the justice you deserve.

Let Us Help You With Employment Law Matters

Employment law issues often involve facing large corporations with millions or billions of dollars at their disposal.

If you have a claim, you need the best Kansas City employment lawyer to fight the battle with you, one that has extensive experience with employment law cases and is aggressive and proactive about getting you the best results.

The Missouri Employee Rights and Employment Discrimination Center has a track record of success in employment disputes. Contact us by phone at 816-205-4121 or reach out online to schedule a free consultation.

We’ll make the legal process as seamless and quick as possible so you can begin moving forward.

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