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I hired Kim for her expertise with regard to DWI cases. The firm was nothing but professional from the moment I hired them. Kim was relentless in pursuing what she thought was the best outcome for me, the client. She applied her experience and the charges were dropped. To be honest, I would have been ok with a less favorable outcome than this, provided it was the best I could do. I was preparing for worse, but Kim felt confident that she could get the case dismissed due to inconsistencies in the arrest and what was written in the officer’s report. She was honest and open with me. She earned my trust and made me confident in my choice of attorney. There were times when I had to make decisions about what to do with my case. She told me what she thought, but ultimately left the decisions up to me. I knew I was better for taking her advice and trusting her counsel, so I did as she recommended. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Mark Taylor

Clean Star Rating

A very welcoming office environment with a professional team that made our experience almost painless. Tamara is a huge asset to this firm with her friendly smile and warm personality. She is extremely helpful and supportive. Matt is intelligent, informative and a true fighter. He took a bad situation and made things work out. I have 100 % total confidence in this firm and its employees for any future needs.

Andi Swigart

Clean Star Rating

Kim has a passion for her job like no other. She is not your run of the mill lawyer that just takes your money and gets you the simplest plea. In my particular case I was mentally done dealing with it and she advised me to keep fighting and she was right. She got the charge dismissed. It’s hard to put faith into a lawyer but she had my life in her hands and never once took that for granted. I will always be grateful that I followed her advise and put my trust in her. I would recommend her as an attorney over anyone.

Blaine Bunch

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Clean Star Rating

This firm helped me save points on my record. Was sited for improper backing and got the charge changed to a non moving violation.

Shayne Meyer

Clean Star Rating

Kim and her team worked hard to help me a few years ago. The work they did enabled me to pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse. They made the whole process less overwhelming and were always available when I had questions. Kim and her team are the best!

Amber McDaris

Clean Star Rating

I was charged with a DUI in a small Cass County municipality. I hired Kim as she was referred to me by a former prosecuting attorney. Kim worked diligently to get my DUI charge amended to a non-moving, non-alcohol-related municipal “Disorderly Conduct” charge. Thank you Kim. All my criminal defense referrals from now on go to you.


Clean Star Rating

We were very happy with your excellent work on our case. I don’t know how we could have gotten through this ordeal without you. Thank you so much for your patience with us. We were so relieved when you brought this to an excellent conclusion. Many thanks again.


Clean Star Rating

We were so pleased with your work on our case. You were excellent in bringing this to a good conclusion in our favor. We are eternally indebted to you for easing our minds. I know you can be counted on and have told family & friends if they ever need a good lawyer you are the one they need.


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