How a DUI Conviction May Affect Your Education in Missouri

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Can a DUI Conviction Affect Educational Opportunities?

A drunk driving conviction in Missouri may affect an individual’s driving privileges and lead to serious legal consequences. However, many people are unaware of the adverse long-term effects that it may have on their educational opportunities.

After a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest or criminal conviction, students may face numerous unexpected consequences that may hamper their college career or dreams of going to graduate school.

Every college considers DUI convictions differently. Nevertheless, some of the common challenges that come with a drunk driving charge are discussed below.

Denying Your Application

Some educational institutions have strict policies that prohibit the acceptance of applicants who have committed a criminal offense. They may conduct background checks on individuals who apply to study at their educational facility, and students with DUI criminal records may be denied entry.

Further, most high-performing institutions will prioritize an applicant with similar credentials and a clean criminal record as an ideal candidate. Therefore individuals with DUI convictions may lose the opportunity to apply to their college of choice.

Expelling or Suspending You from the Institution

School policies contained in a student handbook may restrict a college student from participating in activities that harm the school’s reputation (e.g., drunk driving). The school’s Code of Conduct may also require the student to report the incident to the institution.

If you fail to report your DUI offense and the school discovers it after running a background check on you, the school may take disciplinary measures against you, such as expulsion or suspension.

Withdrawing Financial Aid or Scholarships

One of the requirements for eligibility for some scholarships or federal grants involves having no criminal convictions on your record.

A school may withdraw all financial support and scholarship funding allocated to you after they find out about your DUI conviction. It may include the benefits of on-campus housing, federal loans, internship programs, and other resources.

Further, a DUI conviction could prevent you from getting a professional license, such as being admitted to the bar to become a lawyer, or working for certain organizations, including the government.

Late Graduation

School suspensions after DUI convictions may affect your ability to attend classes or take examinations. In addition, the suspension may delay your college graduation, and after graduating from your college education, you may struggle with getting a job.

The Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center Can Assist You if You Need a DUI Attorney

DUI charges should be taken seriously because of their potential to affect your driving privileges and your plans for future education. If you are currently dealing with a DUI charge, you must do everything possible to avoid getting convicted.

At the Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center, our legal team understands your education is on the line. We can help protect your rights and offer you skilled legal representation to get you back on track.

Looking into your options for defense will help you minimize the effect a DUI will have on your education and future. Further, to get more information on “How long will a DUI conviction stay on your record?” call us today at 816-281-5306.

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