KCMO 10/10/10 Rule – Is it a violation of my privacy?

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Kimberly J. Benjamin, Founder & Managing Attorney

Cities and towns across the country are dealing with opening back up after the COVID 19 shut down for much of March and April.As the world begins to open back up, I will have to work on closing my mouth down as it has been working overtime these weeks cooped up inside with my children who have been baking awesome cookies, breads, pizzas and other treats.But now, the next Corona conflict is going to be the tracing prong of the plan to brake Covid-19 with policy by contact tracing, isolation, and testing.Kanas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced on April 30, 2020, his 10/10/10 plan to reopen non -essential businesses includes the idea that anyone who is going to be inside a business for more than 10 minutes needs to give the business owner their name and contact information.Instantly my top-secret lawyer bulletin boards went nuts.Are they going to charge people for giving them a fake name?Can the Police use this information for warrants and things?Who has access to the lists?Now, at present none of this information is present on the KCMO website. One thing is true, they suggest owners keep the log for at least 30 days. This is for when someone gets the ‘vid as I like to call it, and knows they were at Applebee’s Thursday night. Health officials can go to Applebee’s and figure out who was in the restaurant with the sick person.They can warn, check, and otherwise vet these folks, while isolating the symptomatic person and testing everyone.It’s how these things get beat when you aren’t right in the middle of a full-blown public health crisis, which we all would like to avoid, I hope.It’s a funny thing privacy.I will personally comply with the rules, if I ever go anywhere besides Aldi for more than 10 minutes.I will also fight like hell anyone who is charged with breaking these rules because they have privacy concerns, I get it. I’m just choosing to do my part for the community over my individual freedoms here, but I’m not saying that is the only answer.Funny that many millennials don’t find much of an issue with this. After all, you don’t need a written log for them, you can just go to social media and look for check ins and posts. They practically give google a log of their every move anyway.Us Generation-X kids and everyone older, remember privacy. We remember when everyone wasn’t at the end of an electronic tether. We remember land lines, call waiting, and letters. This might be a little hard to swallow for us.Some of us will, some of us won’t, but I think in the end if it’s kept to the local level and destroyed after a sensible amount of time, the log of participants at a nonessential business will be a positive thing to combat this pandemic and keep more people alive and well, to complain about their violated rights another day.If you find yourself in the cross-hairs of the government for not wanting to give up your privacy, give us a call at the Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center at the Benjamin Law Firm.  We will fight for you.  816-322-8008

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