What to Do if You Are Accused of a Sex Crime in Missouri

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Kimberly J. Benjamin, Founder & Managing Attorney

If you have been arrested and accused of a sex crime, or if you have been told you are being investigated for a sex crime, the first thing you should do is contact an attorney. A Missouri sex crime defense attorney will help you protect your rights through every step of your case.Being accused of or arrested for a sex crime is devastating. Anyone placed in this situation will panic and not know what to do. If you find yourself in this situation, you would be encouraged by the Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center at the Benjamin Law Firm, LLC to do the following:

  1. If you are being arrested, cooperate with the police. Resisting arrest or causing problems will just be used against you when presenting your case. Never give the police or prosecution more items to use against you.
  2. You have the right to remain silent. Take full advantage of this right. You can answer questions about your name, residence, place of employment. Other than that, ask to speak to your attorney. The police will try their best to get a statement from you; resist the urge to defend yourself and remain quiet. You can state your side of the case when you are in court.
  3. Contact a criminal defense attorney that handles sex crime cases. You want someone who has the knowledge and experience to defend your case aggressively.
  4. Do not post on social media. Do not post about the arrest, the charges, the investigation, or interactions with your attorney. You are best off not to post anything at all during this time because the prosecution can manipulate anything you post. The prosecution will begin monitoring your accounts as soon as you have been charged.
  5. Collaborate with your lawyer to build a successful case. Your attorney will need to build the best possible defense on your behalf. This means that they will need you to answer questions, provide evidence, attend meetings, and comply with any requests.
  6. Never contact the person who has accused you of a sex crime. Do not confront them. Do not try to apologize for anything if you are being accused of an action that you feel was misinterpreted. Apologies are viewed as a sign of guilt. Stay as far away from that person as possible and any of their close associates. You need to protect yourself until the case is over.


Never Delay Speaking With an Attorney

Being accused of a sex crime is very serious. You must contact a defense attorney as soon as possible if you are under suspicion or have been charged so that they can begin to build a solid defense on your behalf. Get started today by requesting a free consultation from the top-rated criminal defense attorneys at our law firm.

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