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August 12. 2021.

Kansas City Bail Bonds

We know that when you or a loved one is arrested and needs to post bail, it’s an emotional time. You want the best possible outcome and don’t have much time to spare. That’s why our team of experienced legal professionals is here to help.

Our goal is always to get people out of jail as quickly as possible so they can go back home with their families and resume life without any interruption. We work hard every day to make sure everyone gets the same level of service—no matter who they are or what their financial situation may be.

And if someone doesn’t qualify for a bail bond, we’ll do everything in our power to find them another solution that will keep them out of jail until the trial date arrives.

Call us today at 816-322-8008.

Understanding the Basics of Bail Bonds Kansas City MO

Even if you are a generally law-abiding citizen, mistakes happen, and you or a loved one may be arrested and require bail bonds services.

Upon arrest, you will likely be processed at the county jail, and you will be offered a phone call. You have options. Some bail bondsmen will even pick you up when they post your bail and you are released. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of what bail bonds agents provide.

Being arrested may be the scariest moment of your life. Having a reputable attorney by your side can provide the relief you need. The Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center at the Benjamin Law Firm, LLC will offer support and advocacy while you navigate this difficult time.

Bail Bonds KCMO

After your arrest, when you are offered your phone call, request that your emergency contact retain an attorney and arrange your bail bonds in KCMO. A bail bonding company will likely offer bonds services for the following counties and the Kansas City Metro area: 

Most counties accept bail bonds in the Kansas City metro area 24 hours a day.

Although traditionally, jails required bail to be paid with either money orders, cashier’s checks, or cash, some now also accept credit cards. This allows those individuals who could not otherwise afford it to post bail. You should call first to inquire.

There are also various payment services to help you pay the bail bond with one or multiple credit cards onsite or online. When using a credit card for bond payments, you or your family will likely be charged additional fees for court processing, commissions, and credit card processing.

A reputable local lawyer can help you plan your defense after posting your bail bonds.

When Do You Need Bail Bonds Agents?

You will likely require bail bonds if you have been arrested for one of the following reasons:

  • A law enforcement officer suspects you of being involved in a crime
  • A police officer believes you are planning or preparing to commit a crime.
  • There is a warrant for your arrest.

According to the Sixth Amendment, after an arrest, you are guaranteed a speedy trial. Within 72 hours of your arrest, you should be either officially charged or released from jail.

Although you are entitled to call a lawyer, if the police believe you are under the influence of illegal drugs, you will probably be processed—including a blood evaluation and breathalyzer test—before you get your telephone call.

The fastest way to get released from jail is to either have the bail cash in hand or call a bail bond agent since they have access to resources that regular citizens do not.

If you need to arrange bonds bail for a friend or family member, you should also consider retaining a felony or DWI defense attorney for advice and representation.

Kansas City Missouri County Jail

After your arraignment in a Missouri county jail, there are a few aspects that might affect your length of stay.

If you are arrested on a weekend, you may be held until Monday or Tuesday to see the judge. At that time, the judge will release you from jail on your own recognizance, similar to the honor system, or require you to post bail.

This is money paid to the court to guarantee that you appear for all court appearances. The judge determines whether you must post bail and how much that amount will be. They make that determination based on the severity of the crime and how likely you are to flee.

 Between being arrested and going to trial, you have a few options: 

  • Remain in jail as you await your trial.
  • Pay the full amount of bail due to the court.
  • Contact a bond agent to post bail for you.

If you work with bail bonds agents, you can generally expect fast service. If possible, contact a reputable criminal defense attorney before seeing the judge, as they may be able to get your bail bond waived or even get your charges dropped.

You can be released as soon as your bail is paid. If you make all of your mandatory court appearances, your bail will be refunded or applied to any fines you may receive. If you miss any court appearances, the court will keep your bail money.

FAQ About Bail Bondsman KCMO

It is essential to know some basic FAQs about bail bondsman KCMO when considering whether to use one. Generally, if you can not afford to pay the entire bail, you can contact a bail bonds service to post a surety bond.

You or your family will be required to put down a non-refundable 10-percent of the bail, and the agent will guarantee the entire amount to the court. Depending on your credit history, they may require collateral or a co-signer.

If you have been charged with one or more assaults or violent crimes in Missouri, your bond will be more expensive than being accused of less serious crimes. Your attorney and bail bondsman can explain in more detail.

What do Bondsman in Kansas City, Missouri Do?

A bondsman is usually available night and day to assist in your efforts to be released from jail while you await your court date. After you are arrested and booked, your bail amount will be determined.

If you cannot pay that amount yourself, you can contact a bondsman to post your bail. You pay 10-percent, and they guarantee the rest. Although the 10-percent is non-refundable, it is easier for most people to collect that amount than the entire bail.

After bail is posted or the bond has been secured, the release process takes around one to two hours. A reputable attorney can help you locate a bail bonds agent.

How Do You Find a Kansas City Bail Bond Agent?

Missouri has its own system where you pay a 10-percent fee to be released. Although a private bail bondsman is free to set his own fee rates, they usually charge 10-percent. To ensure consistency in charges, they are posted by the Missouri Department of Insurance.

A commercial bond agent might be able to get you or your loved one released faster than the public bail bond system. Contact the jail regarding the length of time their system takes to process bail and call private bondsmen to compare. The 16th Circuit Court has a list of qualified bail bondsmen.

Do You Need a Bail Bondsman?

Before contacting a bond dealer, ascertain whether you can be released without being charged.

If you have been wrongfully detained, a Missouri law firm may be able to get your charges dropped so you will be released immediately. Although this is unlikely, it may pave the way to being released through your own recognizance.

Typically, the judge will only grant to release you on your own recognizance if you are charged with a low-level crime. They do not consider you a threat to others or a flight risk. If these are not options, bail bonds are the best choice.

Kansas City Missouri Warrant Check

To conduct a Kansas City, Missouri warrant check, do a public records search. This reduces the chance of a surprise arrest. The criminal court system was created to protect the citizens and help those accused become contributing members of society.

When your case has been concluded, your bond refund will be immediately processed. The following will be subtracted from your refund.

  • Court expenses
  • Fines
  • Restitution

Your refund will be sent by mail to the address the court has on file in 10 to 14 days. For attorney referrals to assist you in finding a bail bond agent in Kansas City, Missouri, DWI Attorneys in KC Mo for a free consultation.

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