A Complete Guide to Missouri Speeding Ticket Cost and Other Considerations

Questions about Missouri speeding ticket cost, the process of paying or contesting a ticket, or other traffic ticket issues? We can help.

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September 28. 2020.

Missouri Speeding Ticket Cost Consists of More Than the Initial Fines

The average Missouri speeding ticket cost is something many people do not consider when they hop into the driver’s seat and head down the road. Although some people enjoy the thrill of driving too fast, a speeding ticket in Missouri usually occurs when the driver fails to pay attention to posted speed limit signs or is merely running late to work or an important appointment. Unfortunately, unless it is a legitimate and verifiable emergency, the officer who pulled you over is unlikely to be sympathetic and you will probably be issued a citation.

If you have received one or more speeding tickets, you should retain the assistance of an attorney to help you avoid costly fines, increased car insurance rates, and points on your license. The Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center at the Benjamin Law Firm, LLC.

How Much Is a Speeding Ticket in Missouri?

How much a speeding ticket in Missouri costs really varies depending on multiple aspects. In addition to the speed at which you were caught driving several other scenarios could affect the cost. The location where the traffic infraction occurred may have a bearing, such as a county or whether it was in a school or construction zone.

Speeding tickets in Missouri are not something you want to attempt to handle on your own, especially if you have had previous violations. If you have had a conviction for driving under the influence as well, a DWI lawyer may be required to unravel the intricate and varied issues of your new ticket. Otherwise, your very driver’s license may be at stake.

How to Pay Your Missouri Ticket Online or Have the Ticket Dismissed

Depending upon the type of speeding ticket you got, if it does not require you to appear in court, you have the choice to pay your ticket online in Missouri, by mail, by phone, or in person. The ticket will have directions on how and when the fine must be paid.

Many drivers prefer the convenience that they receive when they pay for their tickets online in Missouri. This is not the only option. Nor is it the best.

You should realize that paying the fine through any method is considered an admission of guilt, and the offense will go on your Missouri Driving record. An experienced Missouri law firm may be able to get your violations dismissed when:

  • You agree to a short period of unsupervised probation
  • You plead to a lesser non-moving traffic offense
  • The officer who issued the ticket does not appear for the court hearing

If your speeding offense is dismissed, you will need to adhere to all court fines and requirements, in addition to all essential lawyer costs. If a speeding citation is not reduced to a non-moving offense, then these infractions will stay on your Missouri Driving record for as many as three years. You will need the assistance of an attorney with speeding tickets Missouri to have your ticket dismissed.

Missouri Speeding Ticket Prices

Missouri speeding ticket prices can be expensive, and the fines are on a scale based on the speed you were driving. In other words, the faster you travel, the more expensive your ticket will be.

According to the Missouri State Fine Collection Center, motorists might be issued speeding tickets with costs that begin at $83 if found to be speeding only one to five miles over the posted speed limit. The break down is this:

  • 1-5 mph over the speed limit: $85
  • 6-10 mph over the speed limit: $99
  • 11-15 mph over the speed limit: $124
  • 16-19 mph over the speed limit: $149
  • 20-25 mph over the speed limit: $224

Depending on the speed limit you exceeded, your Missouri speeding ticket costs could be costly. If you are trying to determine the best legal representatives to handle your ticket, check out our firm.

Other Missouri Speeding Ticket Price Considerations

When you receive a citation for moving violations, in addition to the Missouri speeding ticket price of a fine, you also need to consider the potential long-term effects. These include:

  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Points on your driving record
  • Possible court costs

Depending on the severity of your Missouri speeding tickets, and whether you have had a prior traffic violation it could be considered a Class B or Class C misdemeanor. You may even have your driver’s license suspended or revoked.

Although a qualified traffic lawyer in Kansas City may seem like an investment, hiring one will ultimately save you money and hardship, especially if you have to go to court.

Understanding the Speeding Ticket Point System

In Missouri, a speeding ticket issued by the Highway Patrol results in three points being added to your driving record. If you are found guilty of a municipal speeding offense, then you will receive two points. Once you build up to four points in a twelve-month timespan, the Missouri Department of Revenue will send you an advisory letter. When you collect eight or more points within 18 months, your license will be suspended for thirty days.

This can happen faster than you might think, which is why seeking the advice and representation of a reputable traffic lawyer is a wise choice when dealing with a Missouri speeding ticket cost.

Contesting a Speeding Ticket Cost in Missouri

Although you can often save a bit of inconvenience by merely paying your fine, the speeding ticket cost in Missouri has longer-reaching ramifications than the initial expense. If you can have your speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, you may have a small fine but will avoid heavy penalties including points on your driving record and higher insurance premiums.

Contact the Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center at the Benjamin Law Firm, LLC. If you are facing costly fines and possible license suspension, we can be your best advocate.

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