Reinstating Your Driving Privileges in Missouri

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Kimberly J. Benjamin, Founder & Managing Attorney

October 29. 2021.

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR), there are three steps that you should take if you are seeking to have your license reinstated after it has been suspended, revoked, or denied. First, you must determine the reason for your suspension, revocation, or denial. You would have received this information in a letter from DOR when you first lost your license. However, if you aren’t sure of the reason, you can get an official copy of your driver record from any Missouri license office, or by calling (573) 526-2407.

If all of the dates on the letters that you received when you lost your license indicate that you can get your license back, you will have to submit the proper forms and fees to the DOR. If your license was suspended or revoked for more than one reason, then you may have to complete multiple forms and pay multiple fees.

For example, if you lost your license due to having too many points as a result of speeding tickets, but you also lost your license because you were convicted of DUI, then you would have to submit the following to get your license back:

  • For the points suspension, you would have to pay a $20 reinstatement fee, file and maintain proof of SR-22 liability insurance for two years, and, if you lost your license for one year or more, retake the complete driver exam.
  • For the DWI conviction, you would have to pay a $45 reinstatement fee, show the same proof of liability insurance, file proof that you completed SATOP or a comparable program, and, if your driver record shows more than one alcohol or drug-related enforcement contact, file proof of installation of an ignition interlock device (IID), which you must maintain for six months, or longer if you commit any violations related to the IID.

Given the potential penalties, consulting with an experienced DWI defense lawyer can be key to your ability to avoid these potentially harsh consequences. The attorneys at Benjamin Law Firm, LLC, have handled the legal representation of countless individuals in DWI, DUI for drugs or medication, and traffic violation cases. We want to help you avoid as many of the repercussions of a criminal record as possible. Call our office at (816) 205-4119 to set up an appointment to speak with us today.

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